Pyrotechnic art

For thousands of years, fire has fascinated mankind.

It all began with the art of using fire, then came the manufacture of explosives and fireworks.

Then came the art of using them for the greatest pleasure of the spectators
Then came the time of the great shows, the time of fireworks synchronized with music.

The fireworks were, are and will remain a magical moment that makes young and old dream. 

Pyrotechnics is an art, and we know from experience that you love a good show.
Whether you want a "small", a "medium" or a large-scale show, we will make it our duty to serve you well.

For us there are no small budgets, there are only beautiful services for which we can provide: sound,laser, video, lighting, water screen,specific effects!


The fireworks are an emotional moment that makes the public vibrate in unison.

Paragone Group has qualified C4-T2 fireworks technicians. 

These qualifications guarantee you the respect of the safety standards in addition to a beautiful spectacle.

Since you like beautiful shows, since our will is to satisfy you, we will carry out your project with the help of the last technological innovations in pyrotechnics


Pyrotechnic effects are mostly outdoor lights.

In recent years, the "Indoor" effects have developed, often at the request of artists seeking innovation.

There are "cold" fireworks studied especially for the interior.

This type of indoor pyrotechnics is very spectacular because it is close to the public ! 


Beautiful shows, 

Beautiful flames up to 12 meters high.

Beautiful spectacular effects in sync with the music or in harmony with the scenography.
Effects that spring up when you least expect it.

Or that arrive at the moment of lighting the fire!

Of Earth And Fire

Paragone Group had the pleasure to intervene as well for the sound as the light as for the pyrotechnics on this magnificent historical fresco of the association "Denain 2012".

One of the only two "sound and light" shows in the Hauts de France in 2021

A show full of emotion; let's go back in time to the Celts .....

Bravo, congratulations and thanks to all these volunteers for the excellence of their work.

Let's bet that we will meet again for the 2022 edition!


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